The Quantum Ogre

Show your players the meaning of “railroad.”


Quantum Ogres are aggressive brutes that attack with little to no provocation. Their powerful space altering abilities make them perfect assassins and mercenaries. Their skins are purple and their weapons are warped from their exposure to the Astral Plane.

In battle, they trap their enemies using their Quantum Entanglement ability and strike the weakest looking target from range with their Greatclub. They defend themselves from powerful front-line attackers by banishing them with their Schrodinger’s Cat.

In the community, Quantum Ogres are a term coined for creatures who will start combat encounters with the party no matter where the party goes or what they do. Their ability to seemingly appear anywhere is why people refer to them as Quantum Ogres. The use of such creatures is a common sign of a railroading Dungeon Master. The Quantum Ogre creature I’ve included here is a play on the idea.

The concept of railroading has gained a crazy level of infamy! It’s gotten to the point where lots of DM’s are scared to tell their players “no” in fear of being accused of railroading the party. With that in mind, I’ve found some light railroading can help focus your players and avoid decision paralysis. At the start of my last murder mystery campaign, I told the players that they would be gathering 5 pieces of evidence from around the town. That concrete information helped them focus, create relevant characters and piece together the mystery. In the end, whether or not something is “on rails” isn’t a binary fact. It’s a spectrum!