The party’s face.


This has become a running gag at our table. Most of my players are charisma caster and always compete against each other in RP encounters. Because of this, I’ve started testing a homebrew group skill check rule. When a group skill check is called for, I ask the party who is leading the roll. That player makes his check and then each assisting player makes their check and describes how they help. A +2 bonus is added to the leading player’s roll for each assisting player who rolls higher than 10. It’s helped the more quiet players participate in role-playing encounters!

I’m always on the hunt for better rules to handle situations like these? Are there any group skill check systems that have worked well for your table? Any incredible stories of player cooperation?

You can also follow the adventures of Dunbrill, Skirbo, Kalvin and, Kurokami on the dedicated subreddit: r/Hiadventure!

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