The Great Equalizer

“Next time I’m sharing my backstory first.” -Thiebius the Legendary

Part 2 of a previous comic: The power of dice compels you!

Game balance is something a lot of DM’s worry about as new class features are added to the game. Some ban abilities to keep the playing field fair. In my experience, the only time game balance becomes a problem is when one class becomes too versatile and tops too many pillars of play. One player can be really good at combat, another can be really good at rp skill checks and a third can be really good at exploration. If every player feels like they’re contributing, they won’t feel like the game is unbalanced. Balance has a lot more to do with how the players “feel” rather than the flat math of the game. Rather than ban features, I look towards equipping low performing players with magic items and balancing the encounters accordingly.

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