Show A Little D&D Class!

Some games have warrior, others have gladiator, and DnD has fighter. I’ve played so many fantasy rpg games…it’s hard to keep the names straight in my head!

After reading through Ravenloft, I’ve grown an appreciation for its more niche subclasses and character options. 5E has done an amazing job including the larger fantasy rpg concepts into the game but I really do miss the more specific options from 3.5e. I’m looking forward to all the new splat and adventure books that are coming out!

Credit for original format goes to Smosh!

Thank you for 100 subs! I really appreciate all the support! I’m blown away by all the views and comments. I’m working hard on new videos. I can’t wait to share them!

I’m also planning to do a video on Dark Alliance when it comes out. I’m not much of a gamer but it has D&D in it!