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A comic inspired by a dropped plotline I wrote for our campaign (darn players). Seeding in comedy is tough! Funny voices can only get you so far. When trying to hit a tone I normally match whatever my players are throwing at me. There’s a variety of ways the game can be played so be flexible and know when to call it quits. Not every player will match every DM. Don’t take it personally when a player just doesn’t jive with the campaign you’re running!
The last decade has been an amazing time for table-top games. An explosion of new and interesting systems hit the shelves. Designers redefined the genre with new mechanics that focus on the narrative of the story. We play a variety of games at our table and we have several campaigns we are taking into 2020. I’ve compiled a list of the 5 games we will be playing during our late night Saturday sessions.
I like to make deadly boss monsters with big weaknesses to balance things out. This means I tend to miss the 6-8 medium encounter daily target. This can leave some classes feeling a bit weaker. I’ve found the best way to fix class balance is through magic items rather than class changes. Items can be adjusted with little fuss and can add a lot of flavor to the narrative.