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“Why did we bring a dog into the Citadel of Lost Souls?” -Baby Shanks A small moment from our DnD campaign. The group was hired to protect a celebrity dog from a group of assassins and things escalated from there. Alternative win conditions can directly enhance the game. Rather than having combat end with a complete decimation of an opposing force, you can center it around other goals that can help keep the fight dynamic and fun. Here are my three favorites… Protect an important ally (in this case it was a dog). Stop the ritual. Survive a 3-way battle. Does anyone have other win conditions they’ve tried with some success? I’d love to add some to my list!
“We can play the blame game all day but in the end it’s Skirbo’s fault.” -Calabasas Critical fumbles can really spiral out of control. I love hijinks but I try to avoid strict mechanical failures when someone roles a nat 1 on a skill check. I describe it in a funny or dramatic way and we keep the momentum going. I think critical fumbles can work well for some tables but make sure to talk about it during your session zero. You don’t want to surprise your players with a homebrew rule like that!