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“That’s the problem with adventurers these days. No appreciation for death. “ Karen, Vassal of the Raven Queen A comic based on our recent session. Death has become easier to mitigate over the last couple editions. Some people increase the reagent cost, add a dice roll, ban the spells or add a lingering negative effect to resurrection. In my setting, finding diamonds is harder than normal and being caught with them can land you in jail. It’s become a fun secondary resource for my group to manage. The Diamond Mines of Ciar is my favorite homebrew dungeon to run.
The boys are back! Something bad is going down in the mysterious city of Xian Hou. Skirbo is on the trail of a dark thief. What will he do when those closest to him begin to die? Is the gold worth losing his soul? Skirbo swears vengeance, Cal wrestles wi...
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Traditions are a great way to keep your players looking forward to the next year of sessions. Anyone have any fun yearly DnD traditions? I’m always on the lookout for more!
If you are playing a game and you feel you need to “punish” other players, something has gone terribly wrong. Talk to them out of game. Most people don’t realize they’re creating problems!