Okay, entomber.

“That’s the problem with adventurers these days. No appreciation for death. “ Karen, Vassal of the Raven Queen

A comic based on our recent session. Death has become easier to mitigate over the last couple editions. Some people increase the reagent cost, add a dice roll, ban the spells or add a lingering negative effect to resurrection. In my setting, finding diamonds is harder than normal and being caught with them can land you in jail. It’s become a fun secondary resource for my group to manage. The Diamond Mines of Ciar is my favorite homebrew dungeon to run.

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Born at the ripe age of 0, Sebastian Leverette started his quest for TTRPG...goodness? I'm gonna be honest. I just need to write something here to test the font style and see what it looks like. I'll probably forget to change this later.

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