Intro: Dungeons and Dragons and X

I love D&D. I have a feeling you do to! This is the start of a series of short videos discussing various Dungeons and Dragons topics. Pick a seat and join the table!


My name is Sebastian Leverette. I like long walks on the beach, apple pie, baseball… but more important than any of that other crap… I love D&D. It’s basically become my personality. The number one question I get is: HEY UGLY. How do I play DND?

Don’t worry. The answer is so simple, I’m going to give it to you in a series of quite honestly, sporadically released videos. Approximately 60 seconds in length each. I’ll try to tackle some of D&D’s most debated mysteries…

Does alignment really matter?

What’s the difference between a skill check and an attack roll?

Which dice is the 10-sided dice?

Which class should I play?

Do I need to buy all the books?

Is it true that my internet service provider is spying on my internet browsing history?


So if you love talking about DND.

We both know you love talking about DND. Check out my profile for more of my DND tips, memes and animations, and hopefully I’ll see you at the table again.