Hindsight is 2d20.

“What if I needed to cast fireball later? Then where would we be?” – Babyshanks

I try my best not to retcon moments from our campaign. If I get a ruling wrong or misremember an npc trait, I normally move on and try not to make that same mistake in the future. However, if the results of my mistakes are too large (ex: character death) and the players are really invested, I have tipped the scales and gave them benefits that normally help them return to the status quo. If an npc died, they could be brought back through a quest. If a mission is failed, they might get a second chance to make up for it. If I make mistakes, I don’t change the past events but I do soften the consequences.

Anyone have a moment they had to take back? How did you deal with it? Did you move on or go back and fix the mistake?

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