Friendship forged by fire.

I notice a lot of DMs suffer from burnout and ask for ways to deal with it. I always say if you aren’t having fun you aren’t really playing DnD and many people will tell you that no DnD is better than bad DnD.

So how do you push through and do something you don’t want to do? You don’t. DnD brought your table together but your friends keep it together. You can play another game if you ever need an extra week to prepare a session or extra time to unwind. Try suggesting some choices or asking your players what games they recommend. It might turn into a nice monthly tradition.

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Sebastian Leverette

Sebastian Leverette

Born at the ripe age of 0, Sebastian Leverette started his quest for TTRPG...goodness? I'm gonna be honest. I just need to write something here to test the font style and see what it looks like. I'll probably forget to change this later.

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