Does anyone use keys?

“What am I? The God of Doors?” -The Edge Lord, Twilight Incarnate

A comic inspired by a recent oneshot. I think spells don’t get enough appreciation. NPC’s and magic items get long backstories, but iconic spells rarely get the same attention. I’ve recently started giving my players opportunities to learn spells they wouldn’t normally get through tough quests. I make sure to give the bigger spells a reason to exist within the setting, just like my more powerful magic items. I have never seen our warlock smile bigger than the time he learned fireball as a reward from a grueling dungeon.

Do you guys allow your players to get creative with their spell lists? Are there any spells you think a class should get that they normally can’t? Why don’t sorcerers get fire shield and flaming sphere?

We need answers!

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day!

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