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The last decade has been an amazing time for table-top games. An explosion of new and interesting systems hit the shelves. Designers redefined the genre with new mechanics that focus on the narrative of the story. We play a variety of games at our table and we have several campaigns we are taking into 2020. I’ve compiled a list of the 5 games we will be playing during our late night Saturday sessions.
I like to make deadly boss monsters with big weaknesses to balance things out. This means I tend to miss the 6-8 medium encounter daily target. This can leave some classes feeling a bit weaker. I’ve found the best way to fix class balance is through magic items rather than class changes. Items can be adjusted with little fuss and can add a lot of flavor to the narrative.
Watched Sonic over the weekend and decided to write a comic about the experience. I don't know if it's Oscar worthy but I do hope the VFX team gets some kind of award for all their hard work. It looked great!
The curious case of the Mithril Mimic carries on. The wicked web of lies and murders grow as Skirbo and his team dive head first into the underbelly of Xian Hou. Can they navigate the darkness of the city? Or will they succumb to its scum and villainy? S...
Quantum Ogres are aggressive brutes that attack with little to no provocation. Their powerful space altering abilities make them perfect assassins and mercenaries. Their skins are purple and their weapons are warped from their exposure to the Astral Plane.
I love mundane items. There’s something really appealing about portable rams, sacks of flour and 10 ft poles. Throwing a bag over an enemy’s head is a popular move at our table. You’d be surprised by how many spells require the caster to see their target!
“That’s the problem with adventurers these days. No appreciation for death. “ Karen, Vassal of the Raven Queen A comic based on our recent session. Death has become easier to mitigate over the last couple editions. Some people increase the reagent cost, add a dice roll, ban the spells or add a lingering negative effect to resurrection. In my setting, finding diamonds is harder than normal and being caught with them can land you in jail. It’s become a fun secondary resource for my group to manage. The Diamond Mines of Ciar is my favorite homebrew dungeon to run.
The boys are back! Something bad is going down in the mysterious city of Xian Hou. Skirbo is on the trail of a dark thief. What will he do when those closest to him begin to die? Is the gold worth losing his soul? Skirbo swears vengeance, Cal wrestles wi...
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Traditions are a great way to keep your players looking forward to the next year of sessions. Anyone have any fun yearly DnD traditions? I’m always on the lookout for more!