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"How did you spend your weekend?" -Raphael, Cleric of Tymora Can't say this has been the craziest campaign I've ever played in but it ranks high up there. Sometimes, when trying to tell my friends about my last game, I realize how insane it all probably sounds. Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, and anime references are only the beginning. One minute you're on your way to saving the blacksmith's daughter, the next minute you're fighting an extraplanar god inspired by Mickey Mouse. Things just tend to snowball in Dungeons and Dragons! I plan to make even more D&D animations. Got something extra special planned as well, follow to catch it as soon as it drops!
"The darkest pits of heck are reserved for people who touch another player's dice." -The RNG Gods Can't say you weren't warned. I don't consider myself a superstitious man but there are lines even I won't cross. Do any of you have a DnD superstition you follow? Blowing on dice? Never using a dice that rolled a 1? Only rolling into dice trays? Let me know! Thank you to @libeartycomics for gracing this project with their acting talent!
"We paid 200 gold to take the Church of Propserity's introductory course on stockvestments." -Kurokami  animation! I can't count the number of times I've accidentally said "dollar" instead of "gold" or "latin" instead of some other ancient language. It really does slip my mind!
When it comes to paladins and their oath, I've always been a flexible DM. I don't normally insist a player follows their oath and I rarely have a patron outright punish a paladin for failing to uphold it. If you are a less devout paladin however, there are extra dangerous quests a patron/god might send you on to make up for your transgressions. That's where the fun begins!
"This sort of makes us brothers and best friends, huh?" Key the Kobold. I am in love with the sudden popularity of small and cute dungeons and dragons characters. I prefer to play my traditional edgelords but the variety that's popped up in the community is amazing! It really does make the world feel big.
I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday! As an October Baby, I’ve always had a +5 resistance to Scares and Frights. Halloween is my element (I’m sure the Gothic...
“Back in my day the word ‘Lich’ meant something.” -The Lich It’s always good to have at least one player tracking gold and taking notes…these are the people who hold...