“I really like the Church of Money. It has great benefit plans and lets its followers express their devotion in flexible ways.” – Vern Goldmine.

A comic for a second week in a row? Things really are changing around here!

When it comes to paladins and their oath, I’ve always been a flexible DM. I don’t normally insist a player follows their oath and I rarely have a patron outright punish a paladin for failing to uphold it. If you are a less devout paladin however, there are extra dangerous quests a patron/god might send you on to make up for your transgressions. That’s where the fun begins!

How do you guys handle oaths and oathbreakers? I try not to exercise too much control over my player’s actions but I can totally understand a DM whose setting is more rigid.

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Sebastian Leverette

Sebastian Leverette

Born at the ripe age of 0, Sebastian Leverette started his quest for TTRPG...goodness? I'm gonna be honest. I just need to write something here to test the font style and see what it looks like. I'll probably forget to change this later.

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