A wicked and vile fiend!

“We get paid to kill things! Technically, we are all assassins!” – Damien Clay, Assassin

A comic inspired by our campaign. Always play characters who can work together in a group! Even an evil character will share loot with a party if it ensures their safety and moves them closer towards their goals. If you are going to screw the party over for character reasons, check with the people around your table and make sure everything is kosher. Your irl relationships are so much more important than your in-game roleplaying.

If you do have an issue with another player, try to resolve it out of the game. Taking pot-shots at each other in-game is only going to make the problems worse!

With that said…character secrets are tons of fun. I recently played a bard who claimed to be hunting down their evil twin. The truth was…I was the evil twin! The others figured it out immediately but played along and it made for some really fun roleplay!

Anyone else have a secret they’re waiting to reveal to their party? Is it a spicy one?

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Born at the ripe age of 0, Sebastian Leverette started his quest for TTRPG...goodness? I'm gonna be honest. I just need to write something here to test the font style and see what it looks like. I'll probably forget to change this later.

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