…A pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural.

“Why did you kill them? Why did you kill our parents?”

“To playtest my abilities.” -Dunbrill, the Tailor of Tristan

Homebrew is a contentious topic. I allow it at my table and I often encourage my players to come up with spells and abilities to add to my setting’s lore. I believe it really opens up the world and makes it feel bigger. With that said, I can completely understand people who avoid it. I believe that WoTC has done a very good job introducing more player options without over complicating the game and I consider DnD to be perfectly playable using only RAW abilities.

Do you guys keep things RAW or do you introduce homebrew from other sources? How do you feel about books like Tasha? I was hoping for more spells.

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Born at the ripe age of 0, Sebastian Leverette started his quest for TTRPG...goodness? I'm gonna be honest. I just need to write something here to test the font style and see what it looks like. I'll probably forget to change this later.

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